Who is This Righteous Dude?

Huge, Weird, Blown-Up Picture of Me

My name is Justin.

I am a student of markets.

I intend to share my thoughts and enthusiasm about entrepreneurship & copywriting.

I specialize in quickly spotting them holes in business buckets and plugging them up to increase profits

I am remarkable at finding your USP, and applying the very best direct response solutions to everyday business problems.

Daily user and abuser of face-to-face, nose-to-nose, toes-to-toes, salesmanship— the ol’ school way.

Knockin’ down doors and taking names…

Unapologetically sharing captivating and prolific stories with world.



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Justin N McDonald

I am a student of markets and I intend to stick my thoughts into your eye sockets and spread enthusiasm here about entrepreneurship & copywriting like…